In our facility, about 60 employees ensure that the incoming collection goods are sorted, packaged, stored and transported.

Thus, there are various tasks to be done until the products arrive our customers. Team leaders together with the management ensure a smooth cooperation of all working areas. High quality standards are a matter of course. Independent third parties audit these annually as part of our certification.

Any interest in our jobs? You will find these…

… in the sorting area:

Textile sorting is handwork. At these workstations, the incoming goods arrive and are sorted into various groups and articles in different sorting stages. Since the marketing of second-hand clothing follows the trends of a new clothing, a regular adjustment of sorting is part of this work.

In addition to a quick understanding, it also requires a sense of qualities, materials and colors. So, this work is carried out by women exclusively. The experience shows that they simply have a better knack for dealing with textiles.

Because efficiency plays an important role in sorting besides quality, we have introduced a bonus scheme that will reward our employees with a high grading performance.

Employees are solely responsible for their duties. But nevertheless, team work is a priority with us, as individual steps of the work of the sorters are blended into each other and finally, the total result counts.

Have you become curious and ask yourself, what prerequisites do you need for this?

You should like to act self-sufficient self-responsible and be motivated to learn something new. We take the remaining part. Intensive training on the job together with an experienced employee is quite natural for us.

… around sorting:

In-house transports of the products, storage, loading and unloading work is mainly carried out by the forklift truck. Therefore, our employees have the appropriate qualification.

However, in this area there are also auxiliary activities, for example weighing of sacks at the sorting tables or manual transport of containers; all this kind of work helps sorting stations to perform efficiently.

Working Environment:

Used textile sorting and marketing as second-hand clothing is not familiar to everyone. Did you know that 70% of the world population wear second-hand clothes?

With our work, we extend the lifetime of an unwanted garment. Instead, no new clothing needs to be produced, for which valuable raw materials must be used. In this way, we help to save raw materials and to protect the environment.

In fashion, thinking about environmental protection, where else can you find it?

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