The delivered origin collection goods come from Western Europe. This includes in particular countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Austria. Thus, the fashion taste of these countries is a very good prerequisite for our range of modern and tasteful second-hand clothing.

But not only clothes are part of the original collection goods but everything that is textile-related such as household goods, shoes or accessories.


The classification of the collection goods is carried out in seven main groups:

Within the main groups, we again distinguished different quality levels. After the full sorting process, we offer you up to 200 different articles.

We deal with fashion trends in our daily work. The adjustment of sorting to customer requirements is a key element, as our aim is to facilitate the maximum reuse of the collected goods.

In total, more than 55% of the collected goods are sold as second-hand goods. If there is no reuse possible it is recycled in recycling facilities. Only a small remaining portion, which cannot be recycled, is energy recovered. Thus, we guarantee a 100% recycling rate.


Demand for second-hand clothing is very high and organized all over the world.

Our customers benefit from our long-lasting experience in terms of country-specific requirements on quality and looks of the individual items.

Long-term customer relationships are proof of the consistent quality of our products.

Our regular customers are located in many countries of the following continents:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Eastern and Western Africa
  • South Africa
  • Pakistan (Asia)
  • India (Asia)
  • South America


Product Variety

We sort original collection goods. Therefore, we can supply articles in all quality levels. Likewise, we have a wide range of shoes and household textiles such as bed linen, towels, curtains or accessories (bags, belts, hats etc.) in our stock, which covers up to 200 articles.

Try us! We will be pleased to provide you with more information about our range of services. Please, contact us.


Textiles which are no longer suitable for reuse are sorted according to their material properties.

For example, absorbent textiles are provided to the cleaning rag industry. Others are torn into fibres where recycling companies use them e.g. for as insulating material or filler.

Whatever is no longer materially recyclable, we dispose it in a professional manner in energy recovery plants. Thus, we take over 100% responsibility for all delivered goods and lead them to the best possible recycling path.

Be Prepared for the Future

The proportion of no longer wearable textiles will increase continuously. Hence, our goal is to change textiles from being a one-time recyclable waste stream it is nowadays into a circular raw material.

Against this background, a new business unit, the Boer Group Recycling Solutions was established in 2015 to support research and development of promising, innovative recycling methods.